Behrouz Persian Cuisine

Behrouz Persian CuisineI don’t often have Persian food. In fact I’ve only tried it a few times, but the food I had in Behrouz was great. I had “Taka” (which was beef flavored with the Persian spices), Beef Kebabs, Chicken Barbecue and Basmati rice with butter. It would probably rank as the best Persian/Middle Eastern lunch I had  and it is probably the best Middle Eastern Restaurant you could find here in the Philippines.

Managed by the cousin of the late Mr. Behrouz himself, Behrouz Persian Cuisine has evolved from a small diner to a chain of mini restaurants in the Philippines. In fact, Behrouz started in 1985 making it the first ever Persian Diner in this country. The very gracious manager happens to be a war veteran, doctor, and has some sort of dental knowledge. He along with the staff and service of the place guarantee utmost care for the customers and promise to leave you with a big smile and as well as a full stomach.

Do I recommend you to go? Yes I would. You could visit them in the well-known branches which are at Metrowalk, Wilson, and the oldest branch, Scout Tobias, Quezon City. Enjoy nothing but the best quality beef, lamb, chicken, and veggie goodness from Behrouz.

Rating: 4.5/5 *

*Note I only rated it 4.5 because the parking outside was small. That’s all.


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