What we can take from Rejection

Okay so I haven’t written yet any posts about life lessons and one of my goals since getting this account was to write words of wisdom. Anyway I wanted to write about something so I asked my friend, Iggy Torres, for suggestions. You can follow this awesome guy here. He told me I should write about love and rejection. Since I’m going to write about life I won’t just focus about rejection in love but rather the whole picture. Actually I thought it was also a good time to write this since at this time, college results are being released and you know, rejection happens. Anyway hope you get something out of this.

What is rejection? You get it when people don’t accept you. You get it when you don’t pass a college, a girl doesn’t like you back, someone thinks your cooking/singing/whatever sucks, your dog doesn’t like the food you give it, etc. Everyone feels rejection. It’s a part of life. The question is, what do you do about it?

As my friend (yeah the same guy) said, “you may not always get the future you desire, but to despair is the same as giving up.” Well said bro because you can’t give up after you get rejected. In fact you have to get up and try again. It doesn’t matter if you get pushed down once, twice, maybe seven times. What matters is that you get up eight times. Just keep moving forward and trust God. If a college doesn’t accept you, appeal or look for another place. If some guy/girl/whatever dumped you, re-evaluate, improve yourself, or even celebrate the fact you’re still single (okay that’s up to you but just saying the single life is actually great). The answer is to be like a nucleus. Small but very intact, contains almost all the mass of an atom, but most importantly, positive despite all the negativities around it.

So what can we take from rejection? That’s up to you.


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