Agents of Shield Episode 13 (With Spoilers)

stan-lee-agents-of-shield-cameoYou know it’s a great episode when you see this man here. Agents of Shield Episode 13 “T.R.A.C.K.S.” featured the teams further pursuit of the “Clairvoyant.” Deeper into the episode, we see again the millionaire character Ian Quinn who was introduced in the earlier part of the season as well as Mike Peterson whom we’ve learned based on the last episode is very much alive and in one piece (or at least what’s left of it) and is now given orders by the “Clairvoyant.” Mike eventually puts on a cyborg leg bought by Ian Quinn allowing him to walk. Also in the episode, we see Skye get shot by Quinn not once but twice. For a main character, one shot is enough. Good thing there was a hyperbaric chamber (which was used by Mike at first) to keep her barely stable and alive until they can get her some medical attention. Talk about plot convenience. Nevertheless, she is a main character so they can’t kill her. Or maybe they can and then bring her back like any comic book character but I’d like to believe my first assumption. Anyway at the end, we see Mike asking the “Clairvoyant” if he could see his son but all he gets is the the reply “Not yet.” After that, his cyborg leg is zoomed into and the words “Deathlok Project” were shown on it. This shows Mike Peterson developing into what is known as Marvel’s Deathlok character. Very interesting but who or what is Deathlok?

AstonishingTales25Deathlok isn’t just one person, it is a title actually assigned to the many Marvel characters who were turned into cyborgs either while they were alive or after they had been resurrected from the dead for various reasons. There have been many Deathloks in the comics but no Deathlok named Mike Peterson ever existed before. There isn’t even any Marvel record on Mike Peterson. This actually makes it great for them to choose Deathlok for him in the series since there is not only one Deathlok and there are many Deathloks out there. This can really make him more relevant to Marvel’s plot line since Deathlok hasn’t been introduced yet in any media outside comics. For all we know, Mike Peterson may become the main (perhaps even the only) Deathlok outside the comics. We’ll have to see how much he will develop in the next episodes.

As for the next episode, there are many things that need to be answered. What will happen to Skye? What will Mike Peterson/Deathlok do now? How much closer will S.H.I.E.L.D. get to the mysterious “Clairvoyant?”

Agents of Shield will return one month from now and will show Episode 14 “TAHITI” on March 4, 2014. (source: Wikipedia)


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