Ateneo Bomb Threat


It was a normal day besides the fact that I had Palig (our batch’s Filipino day celebration) and I gave a departing reflection to my classmates. Towards the end of Physics, our principal Mr. Malilin announced through our PA system that classes and offices after 12:00 pm have been suspended. You could hear roars and cheers from every student in the 4th Year Quadrangle. Then Mr. Malilin continued by saying that they have received a bomb threat and that everyone must evacuate. Everyone suddenly became tense and started to pack their things to evacuate from the area. Every 4th Year student ended up in front of the flagpole. After all the classes did a headcount, they told everyone to get out of Ateneo as soon as possible. Everyone then walked all the way to the different gates to get out of Ateneo for fear of their lives.

Well, I was there. That was probably the first time in my 12 year stay that I had an experience like that. It was terrifying to learn that your school, your home, the Ateneo, was not safe. It just makes you tense up. I walked all the way to gate 3 with my 4 friends to meet my mom so I could go home. The lines to get out of the gate were long and the inside place was traffic. I then did the logical thing which was to meet my mom in front of Miriam instead since the whole Katipunan area close to Ateneo was also traffic. I went out through the place where cars were passing and I ended up outside Ateneo and walking towards Miriam. I met my mom and I went home instantly.

Really though, I’m just glad to be alive.


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