The Lego Movie Review (Contains Spoilers)

Rotten Tomatoes Review
The General Review by Rotten Tomatoes

You know something is great when Rotten Tomatoes gives it a percentage higher than 85%. What more can you ask when Rotten Tomatoes gives you 96% for a score and 93% of everyone liked it? I’m going to say that the Lego Movie was one of the best animated films I have ever seen. It happens to be the greatest light-hearted, humorous, comedy animated film I have ever seen. What makes it great is that anyone who came by Lego would enjoy it. Adults, children, teenagers can all have a share of the great Lego Movie. What makes it so great anyway?

The plot looked very simple before the movie was released. President/Lord Business wanted to destroy the Lego Universe and it’s up to Emmet to assemble the Master Builders and to stop him. At first I didn’t know how they’d be able to make the movie interesting. I didn’t even expect much out of it at first. I though it would suck for those older than 12. Then I saw the critic reviews before the movie release. They gave it a 9.7 out of 10. I wanted to see how that would work out so I decided to watch it after all. I took my parents and sister to watch the movie and good thing I did. It was a movie everyone could relate to because besides all the cameos, references and random moments, it speaks about what Lego stands for and the concept behind the Lego Block idea. President Business actually represents the dad of a young boy (represented by Emmet) who wanted to think outside the box. The dad wanted order and structure in Lego. That’s why after he built everything, he wanted to stick everything in place using super glue (called Kragle in the movie and in the Lego point of view). The kid on the other hand wanted it to be free and moveable because Lego was meant to be used to assemble many things. It was meant to be a building while at the same time a tank or a plane or even a spaceship. The idea was what made everyone who played with Lego special. At first, the main character Emmet was living and following instructions like the most normal useless person would do. This whole adventure made him realize that to be special, you have to think that you are special. He was able to become a Master Builder with his own unique ideas and in the end, he was able to let Lord Business know that he too was special and didn’t have to be the bad guy. Everyone could relate to that. In fact, the whole movie got me in touch with my inner child. No recent movie, besides Toy Story which wasn’t exactly recent, has done that.

So what do I suggest? I suggest you to get out of your bed, chair, or whatever and buy tickets if you haven’t seen the movie. Watch it while it’s still out.

Oh and I realized that some people don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes so I decided to cite imdb at the end with my score. 8.6 by the way is a great score if it’s from imdb.

My rating is the box with stars and the imdb rating is the 8.6/10
My rating is the box with stars and the imdb rating is the 8.6/10

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