Prom and Graduation Ball

Yeah it’s that time of the year (actually it might be a bit after that time of the year since Ateneo High School has these events pretty late). These are tips meant for those who will have their Prom and Grad Ball soon. So let’s take a look at what we need (yeah “we” because I’m gonna have Grad Ball this Saturday). This is probably one of those topics I never imagined myself writing about.

*Note: I meant these tips for guys but girls can also take something from this.

1. Be Prepared


Obviously what I’m trying to say is buy your suit at least 3 days before the event. If you’re getting your suit tailored, get yourself measured and order it 1-2 weeks before the event. If you need to buy new shoes or a tie, get it at least 3 days before the event as well. If you want to get your date flowers or a corsage, get it or order it a day before.

2. Dress to Impress

No I’m not kidding. Prom and Grad Ball are sosyal social events. If you’re going stag, dress to impress your friends and their dates. If you’re bringing a date, do it for her. Now for the guys, here’s stuff that you need to know.

First, your suit. The color of your suit depends on the image you want to portray. Black means that you want to be classy. It goes best with any colored long sleeved polo assuming that your tie can back up colors other than white. Black probably has to be the best color if you have date. A dark blue suit shows that you are elite. You can combine it with either a black or white polo. Do not wear outrageous bright colors. Lastly, the silver/gray suit shows that you are fashionable or want to stand out. I really suggest this color for stags since it probably is the most daring among the three. Try out bright colors for your long sleeved polo such as pink, red, and more. Dark colors also work like dark purple and black. The silver tie usually works with any color when wearing this suit.

Second thing you want to look at are your shoes and your slacks. Your black shoes should be nice and polished for the day. Your slacks should not collapse too much over your shoes nor be way above. They should just be touching exactly your shoe cut or fall just a bit.

The last thing you should look at is your hair. If your hair is too long, get it cut nicely 1 week before the event. Right before the event, place some clay doh hair wax on your hair and style it in a clean nice-looking style.

3. It’s all About the Friendly Treatment

Your date may be a total stranger (set-up) or a friend you know well. In the end though, for you two to have fun, you have to act friendly whether you like her or not. Whenever she’s walking (not going to the washroom though), accompany her and offer her your arm. When you’re talking, don’t be so serious. Make jokes and try to engage in interesting conversations. Just do anything that will make her feel at ease. Most of all, don’t worry. Don’t try too hard to impress her or make sure she’s comfortable. Just act perfectly normal.

4. Stag is Swag

Maybe it’s good to bring a date to a High School dance once in your life but is it really necessary? The common misconceptions about not bringing a date are that you are a loner, you don’t know any girls, you’ll be left out, etc. Actually these social events are all about what you make of them. Sure maybe it’s nice to bring a date. I brought a date last year to prom and I had a lot of fun. However, it’s equally as fun as not bringing one. The perks are the fact that you are free to do whatever you want, you’re less stressed, and you can spend your time with the most important people: your friends. Plus imagine this: People with dates come in with music playing as they go through the entrance. Sounds normal to me. You, on the other hand, make a dramatic entrance with no date but looking dashing and sharp while going through the entrance with some music. Damn that would look badass to me. Also, think about this: you have no date meaning you’re not exclusive meaning you’re single meaning you can flirt talk as much as you want with any of the dates there (assuming the guy is alright with it). You could be like the most badass guy in the event if you want to go stag.

Ferrovia. Ateneo High School’s Senior Graduation Ball
Frequency. Ateneo High School’s Junior Prom

So those are the things you need to know for your Prom or Graduation Ball. The last tip I can give is: Enjoy. Enjoy because you get to celebrate the end of a long and tiring year with your friends.


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