Golden Time Episode 22 (With Spoilers)

If you genuinely watched the whole episode, your face should look like this after that ending
If you genuinely watched the whole episode, your face should look like this after that ending

I. Summary

Before we all start raging or getting depressed, let’s take a look first at what exactly went down this episode. First, Koko broke up with Tada Banri in a cold-hearted fashion.

Don't be fooled men! That's the smile of the devil.
Don’t be fooled men! That’s the smile of the devil.

Then of course we see Tada decide to wait it out because he felt that Koko would come back anyway and all he had to do was stay put. He gets picked up eventually by Koko’s dad and he begins have a talk with him about how pathetic he is (he didn’t exactly say it like that) at just waiting for Koko and not chasing after her. The dad also says a possible reason for the breakup was because Koko didn’t want to see Tada suffer with the medication and his current “problem.” Then what? He drops Tada off close to where he lives. There, probably one of the best characters (and one of the few with the least problems) comes to help out Tada.

Nana x Banri ftw! Just joking. That's never going to happen.
Nana x Banri ftw! Just joking. That’s never going to happen.

We then see a more enthusiastic Tada who will just try to talk to Koko the next day. Then an unexpected thing happens the following day:

Koko wants to apologize to Tada for the s*** she just caused
Koko wants to apologize to Tada for the s*** she just caused

That was fast. She said afterwards that she wants things to “go back to the way they were.” It’s all good right? Hell no! Later on, Tada eats with Koko and the group of friends they’re always with: Yana, 2D, and Oka. Koko then tells them that she and Tada broke up. So by the earlier statement, she meant that they were to be “just friends.” Cool right? Wrong again! This causes a serious bad chain of events to follow.

First the cafeteria scene
First the cafeteria scene

Alright so here Tada and Koko argue while everyone in the cafeteria watches. Then Koko leaves saying that she doesn’t care anymore about college and everything and everyone that has to do with it. Tada is left to talk about his being heartbroken with his fellow friend Oka who has also some experience in being heartbroken. Oka explains that Koko was able to see what had occurred when Tada broke down and his past self nearly came back. That was probably the reason apparently on why she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Then this: Tada tells his club superiors about the breakup
Then this: Tada tells his club superiors about the breakup

This is where the intensity rises. Tada tells Linda, his former love before the accident, and the club president about his breaking up with Koko. He then asks them to talk to her normally as if nothing happened because she may quit the club. Not the end of the discussion.

A mad Linda grabs Tada by the collar and asks him a question
A mad Linda grabs Tada by the collar and asks him a question

Yeah how could he be so calm about the breakup and just accept things?

Okay well that clarifies things
Okay well that clarifies things

He says that he can’t do anything anyway because Koko doesn’t want him anymore and all his problems. Linda and Tada then keep shouting at each other things that also include the past and how Linda wanted to redo the whole accident to change things but she can’t. But Tada could still change things. They start fighting to the point both of them start crying. Then, Yana arrives at the scene and Tada finally tells everyone about his past.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.30.20 PM

Then Tada apologizes to everyone for not saying anything. Linda also apologizes because she was in it too. It wasn’t a heartwarming apology. It was pretty sad. Then Koko arrives to give this to the club president:

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.33.53 PM

Koko then leaves and Tada chases after her. Everyone and everything now is in confusion.

II. Analysis

Okay so that whole episode was painful to watch. Not only because it was sad and dramatic but because everyone was a complete idiot. I mean really. Let’s start with Tada Banri. If this guy just told everyone about his past even before Yana liked Linda, then all this wouldn’t have been a problem and they might even be helping him with his problems instead of just letting Koko take all the load in reassuring and taking care of Tada. Now speaking of Koko, what’s her problem. You don’t just break up with someone without talking it out first. The whole thing was so sudden and Tada wasn’t even able to prepare for this whole mess. If Koko talked it out first, I don’t think everyone would have a huge problem with it, except for Linda. Oh and speaking of Linda, what’s with her? She’s pretty weak. This whole thing wouldn’t have happened if she just told Tada about this whole past thing even before he got together with Koko. Specifically, what did she not do correctly in this episode? She didn’t give a proper confession to Tada. I mean c’mon just tell the man you love him that way he might actually just leave Koko alone.

Linda did annoy me less than Koko did though during this episode. I mean her breaking down in tears showed that she really did care and love him a lot. She even feels guilty about the whole accident and when she said sorry for causing that accident, I saw great maturity in her character. Unlike Koko who pulled off that crap.

So anyway now this whole episode is done, you can watch it here. What will probably happen next week? Tada will probably get back together with Koko in some quick (or slow and dramatic) manner. Until then I have to apologize to many people because I have parted from the Koko x Tada Banri ship to the Linda x Banri ship. Sorry Koko fans but her whole attitude with the breakup annoyed me.


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