What the Miami Heat Needs to Improve on

Surprising Statistical Rankings of the Miami Heat for the past 5 games according to NBA.com:

FGM – 26th

3FG% – 17th

FTM and FTA – 23rd

REB – 28th

TOV – 3rd (3rd Most Turnovers)

PTS – 28th

With Miami's most recent loss, this team has work to do.
With Miami’s most recent loss, this team has work to do.

The Miami Heat are on a 5-game losing streak. Suddenly, this team doesn’t look like the championship team we saw for the past 2 years.

Above are the stats that they clearly need to improve on. Let’s look at them in detail.


The Heat are 26th out of 30 teams in scoring field goals. This has to be one of the strangest stats to see for a team filled with many good shooting players and 3 of the top 15 players (With one in the top 10, and one in the top 5). Of course they are expected to be extremely good at scoring because while everyone is focused on three of the best players in the world, they also have to account for other great shooters like Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, and Shane Battier.

II. 3FG%

How can a team with probably the best 3PT shooter in NBA history and (most of) the players who nailed so many 3’s during the last two NBA Finals have struggles with the 3FG%? These guys have to go back to the gym and start practicing those 3’s again because for a small team, these guys have to be able to shoot the 3’s.

Also LeBron has been trying to improve on the 3 but it just seems like he still can’t shoot as consistently as he wanted to. Last game against Denver, he missed two really important 3pt shots that could’ve made them win.


The Miami Heat are actually first in FT% so obviously, hitting Free Throws isn’t really a problem. What’s bad though is that they have one of the least Free Throws in the league. This could only mean two things. First, they aren’t focusing on attacking the rim because of all their shooters (who aren’t hitting their shots). This shows that the team may be a bit scared to attack or isn’t really physical in nature (strange because LeBron should be the best rim attacker in NBA history). Second, they aren’t making many put-back shots meaning they may not have many rebounds.


Speak of the devil! In rebounding, they are 28th for the last 5 games and if you account the whole season, they were dead last. The difference is they didn’t have the problems listed above before the last 5 games. It’s simple, whoever grabs more rebounds, will get more chances to score. If you have more chances to score, you could have more points. Whoever has more points wins. So it’s simple, rebound the ball. Of course that’s a problem though for a team with no big man or true center. Maybe they should’ve tried to get Andrew Bynum after all. I mean you can’t expect Greg Oden to always be there in a healthy state.


Yeah these guys have to take care of the ball. I mean it’s bad enough you can’t rebound the ball to get more chances to score. Now you’re gonna waste your few possessions? That’s messed up. Take care of the ball. It’s that simple.


All this leads up to the most important part: the points. Of course there would be problem here. Scoring and getting chances to score have been hard for this team for the past 5 games. Hopefully the Heat can do something about that.


So anyway that’s the best I can do at advising the Miami Heat. Hopefully (and most likely), they’ll be able to find some way to fix all this. Dwayne Wade said himself, “It’s a tough stretch. We haven’t been in a stretch like this since probably the 2010-11 season. We lost five in a row. When we were in that stretch, we had to figure it out. It’s the same thing with this. Something is off with this team. We as a unit got to figure out what’s off.

I really hope you guys do.


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