Golden Time Review (Contains Spoilers)

Well today is a sad day to be an otaku. Strange+ and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren ended today. Besides those, the anime shows I’m following (Mahou Sensou, Golden Time, and Kill la Kill) are also ending.

In my blog, I’m only going to review Golden Time and Kill la Kill since these series are the only ones that may seem like they were only made for one stand alone season. Okay so let’s review Golden Time first since I’m not done yet with Kill la Kill.

Golden Time Ending
Yes my friends. That is the best ending anyone can ask for.

I’m not even kidding. That is the best ending I have seen in a while. The plot and development was amazing with all the ups and downs we experienced with it.

Tada Banri was at first someone who struggled to find his identity. When he finally did, he was starting to gain his old memories back and therefore, his present life was going to pass soon. In the end, he finally remembered everything and told his past self to just let go and move on. He was probably the best Main Character I have seen in a while.

Kaga Koko‘s character was perplexing. She started off as a character who people loved just because she looked great and our main character loved her even though she was chasing after another guy. We even loved her more when she got together with Tada Banri. Then all of a sudden, we all hated her because she acted extremely childish and clingy towards Tada Banri. Even their relationship got annoying to the point that we wanted them to break up. Then, she matured all of a sudden after the car accident and we started to love her character again. Then once again, we hated her because she broke up with our beloved main character. All this changed with the last episode when we saw how maturely she waited for Tada by the bridge where it all started. In the end, we were sincerely happy that they got together.

Linda was a character who everyone constantly liked. She was like Present Tada’s big sister which is why some people were torn apart between her and Koko. In the end, even though she didn’t end up with Tada, we were all happy for her on how she was able to let go of Tada. Really mature for her.

Yana Mitsuo was a great friend to Tada. A guy who was chased by Koko at first to a guy who was chasing after Linda in the end, Yana was probably the most consistently loved character (besides Linda). From the moment that he told Tada that they’d be friends forever even if he would lose his memories, everyone just loved his character.

Oka Chinami was also a character that we both liked and hated. We liked her for all the times that didn’t include her blaming Tada for what he was doing to Yana (Being friendly to Linda). Well besides those times, we loved her character in the end. She made that inspirational video for Tada which helped him connect to his present self.

2D-kun is no doubt the best character in the whole series. Best character because everyone never hated him and he had the least problems in the anime. The only problem he had was trying to help his friends get together. A character who served as a reference towards the main character of the series The World God Only Knows, he never failed to be the savior. Let us not forget what he did in the end. He was the one who proposed to everyone to try to get Tada back because who would never give up on a friend. What a great guy.

Nana-senpai was not mentioned much in the last episode. She was a great person however in the entire series. She was the one who help Tada Banri despite not even knowing his context or problems. As to why she helped him, we don’t know. She was however a great help to the series. She and 2D-kun happen to be one of the best characters in the entire series (All of them became great characters in the end though).

So that is how Golden Time transpired. Tada Banri was a man who was struggling to live with his present life even though his past always tried to come back to haunt him. In the end, he learned one thing: What matters is that you live your time to the fullest because your present life will become the past eventually. It is important to live everyday as if it was your Golden Time.

So for the plot and everything that this anime has brought to us, here is my rating:



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