NBA Success Stories of the 2013-2014 season

This is all about the teams and players that are the success of the 2013-2014 season. So don’t hope to find consistent good teams here nor any bad teams that are still bad. Don’t also hope to find players who have been in the picture since last season

Here are our nominees:

1. The Portland Trailblazers 

ImageThe Portland Trail Blazers had a record of 33 wins and 49 losses last season finishing 11th place in the West and missing the playoffs. Now, they have 46 wins and 27 losses and are clear playoff contenders. What a turnaround. In this success story, you have to appreciate the Head Coach Terry Scotts and the whole organization for putting together a team that works well together. Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, and others have been contributing well for the team. Having 46 wins currently in this tough stretch of the season is not an easy thing.


2. The Phoenix Suns


My favorite team, the Phoenix Suns, have an even better success story. Imagine a team that had an extremely horrible record of 25–57 win-loss record last season having currently a 43-29 record. That’s amazing. Everyone thought that the Suns would be “tanking” this season to get a high draft pick but it turns out that they already have a good team. Now, they just need to add one more star to get back as contenders for that title. You have to thank the Coach of the Year candidate Jeff Hornacek, Most Improved Player nominees Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Gerald Green, and also contributing players Mike Plumlee, Markieff and Marcus Morris, Channing Frye, PJ Tucker, and Archie Goodwin. The front office and new GM has been great also. Keep up the good work Suns!


3. Dwight Howard


Back injuries, bad chemistry, and other problems have been bad for Dwight when he was on the Lakers. It affected his play and made him miss some games. Now all that has changed since he landed in the Rockets. His stats are going back to his days with the Magic (It doesn’t need to though because there are good players here anyway) and his team is winning. It’s great to see Dwight recovering into a better player after that horrible run with the Lakers. Now this guy just has to take things to the next level if he wants to win a championship with the Houston Rockets.


4. Greg Oden


It’s great to see this guy back on the court and playing. After so many injuries since his rookie year, this guy barely had 80 games. Now all that has changed since he got with the Miami Heat. He has no injury problems and he won’t have to be the first option. It’s great to see this guy back playing the sport he loves. I hope he can be the key in the center position for Miami especially with the Indiana Pacers having a great center Roy Hibbert.


5. Michael Beasley

Miami Heat v Denver Nuggets

I know right? Two Heat players have success stories. Michael Beasley got into so much trouble when he was with the Phoenix Suns. It was bad. He was doing all sorts of stuff like causing driving accidents, doing drugs. It was worse than bad, it was horrible. Now, he’s a reformed Michael Beasley who just wants to play the game he loves with the team that drafted him. He’s contributing enough. Not as much as the others but enough nonetheless.


Now here’s the most successful team and player:

The Phoenix Suns and Greg Oden

I have seen many wonders before. This team and this player are now part of it. Imagine a team that has nothing suddenly rising to the playoff running teams and a player who had so many injuries finally getting back on track. It’s amazing. These are the true success stories of the NBA this regular season. Now that the playoffs approach, I wonder who will have the most success in attaining the title.


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