The End High School. The End Ateneo.


This Sunday, I’ll be graduating and saying goodbye to Ateneo High School. Actually, not just to Ateneo High School but to Ateneo itself since I won’t be taking college there.

I just want to say thanks to the entire institution for forming me into a better person. Looking back through all the years, I realized how much I have grown thanks to the Ateneo. It truly has been a wonderful ride that I will never forget.

It’s not easy saying goodbye. There were times that I just wanted to stop working and savor the entire adventure. To stay here forever. However, we all know that can’t happen. The world is always spinning, everyday, non-stop. This causes every experience to be shorter than how you want it to be. And we all know that if I stop studying, I won’t learn anything from a great institution. Eventually, it has to end.

After I graduate, I won’t be in my home called Ateneo anymore. I’ll be in the outside world. I’ll be going out to a melting pot filled with people who are very different. It’ll be outside my comfort zone. The next step supposedly is for me to serve the country like what Ateneo has been trying to teach me for the past 12 years. And I will definitely do that. Thank you Ateneo.


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