Suits Season 1 – 3 Review (Contains Spoilers)

As we wait for Season 4, let’s talk about Suits. I have to say that this show has been a great run so far. You have to credit the directors for the amazing portrayal of the plot development, the script writers for an amazing story and unique characters, and the cast of actors for bringing the characters to life. Season 4 is scheduled to come out this June, so let’s look back at how this show evolved from a unique simple idea to a huge blast of fun and excitement.


Let’s start with Season 1. 

Meet Mike Ross
Meet Mike Ross

Season 1 started off with a unique idea. A college dropout gifted with unparalleled intelligence and an amazing memory made a living out of taking LSAT’s for others. To make extra money to keep his grandmother in a nursing home, he agreed to deliver a case of marijuana for his best friend Trevor. After a few events, he ends up in a fated encounter with Harvey Specter, the best attorney in New York who is looking for some associates. He along with his Secretary Donna pretends that Mike graduated from Harvard and proceeds to hire him. So the adventure begins.

We see a season where Mike struggles to lead a new life as a fake lawyer. He learns the ropes, dates Jenny (Trevor’s ex-girlfriend), and eventually falls for Rachel Zane (the paralegal) after she kissed him. Trevor eventually learns about Mike’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend and takes revenge on him by telling Jessica Pearson, the head of the firm Pearson Hardman, about Mike Ross being a fraud. He also sent Rachel’s confession voice recording to Jenny causing her to break up with Mike. The situation is resolved through Mike getting rid of his best friend and Harvey helping him out sort things with Jessica. Now Mike Ross has great life where he earns money and has no one to spend it on but himself and his grandmother.


We then move on to Season 2. 

That's right. There's a person named Pearson and there's also a person named Hardman
That’s right. There’s a person named Pearson and there’s also a person named Hardman

Okay so now we’re done with all the introductions. Right? Wrong. We have learned more about our Main Characters Harvey Specter and Mike Ross but what about the rest of the firm? Well this season has to do with that.

Co-founding partner Daniel Hardman returns to the firm leaving Harvey and Jessica in fear of him taking Jessica’s position as managing partner or head of the firm. Jessica allows Mike to stay as long as he does not let his secret out. Harvey on the other hand is accused of burying evidence of a case and faces being disbarred. Donna finds and destroys the document which was allegedly buried, and is fired by Jessica. After this, Hardman and Jessica disagree over settling the case, eventually leading Hardman to challenge Jessica for the position as managing partner. Hardman becomes managing partner, but it is short lived as Mike and Harvey discover that Hardman forged and planted the document that Harvey and Donna supposedly buried. He is voted out of the firm, and Jessica regains the managing partner position.

After all this, Mike’s grandmother dies, and he finds himself in a romantic entanglement with his now-married first love. Rachel finds them together, leading to a rift in their relationship. Meanwhile, Hardman returns to battle with his old firm and starts working as a contract lawyer for Rachel’s father and well-known trial attorney Robert Zane on multiple gender discrimination suits. Jessica agrees to a merger with the U.K. firm of Harvey’s competitor, Scottie, headed by Edward Darby thereby changing the name of the firm. This allows Pearson Darby to beat Hardman. Harvey though tries to stop the merger but eventually fails. In the end, Mike reveals his secret to Rachel after she fails to get into Harvard.


Finally Season 3.

This changes everything.
This changes everything.

The merger between Pearson and Darby International is complete. Harvey, hurt from Jessica’s refusal to make him a named partner, begins plotting with Darby to take her down. Meanwhile, Mike tries to mend his relationship with Harvey.

Then Harvey settled a case with his old mentor and enemy, Cameron Dennis. His client though is arrested for murder after the victory. This causes Darby to send his “fixer”, Stephen Huntley, to New York to help with the case, but Harvey realizes Darby wants Huntley to help him take the firm from Jessica. Harvey plans to take control from Jessica, but she makes her own plans to add him as named partner changing the name to Pearson Darby Specter. Back to the case, Ava looks set to be convicted, until Mike discovers Huntley was actually responsible for the murders. Darby eventually agrees to testify against Huntley, only later realizing his own decision will leave him unable to practice law in the US. This allows Jessica to begin dissolution of the firm. Louis takes the lead on this, which leads to complications, and Darby appoints Scottie to negotiate in the dissolution case, promising a named partnership if she wins. Eventually, the case is won and the dissolution is final, removing Darby from Pearson Specter. Harvey, feeling sorry for Scottie after she got fired, convinced Jessica to hire her.

Ava sues the firm for malpractice, with Travis Tanner as her attorney, but Harvey is eventually able to get her to withdraw the suit. Harvey then tells Scottie that he wants her in his life. Jessica learns of Mike and Rachel’s relationship and threatens to fire Mike unless Rachel signs an affidavit saying she knew of Mike’s fraud. She does so on the condition that Jessica waive the firm’s “Harvard rule” so she can apply there on graduation. She is accepted to Stanford but eventually decides to go to Columbia.

Mike’s secret is nearly discovered by Louis. Louis though was eventually convinced that Mike only “fixed” a grade in a single class. Later, Mike realizes he will never be able to make a name for himself in law with the threat of his fraud being discovered, and he considers a career change. Meanwhile, rifts start to appear in Harvey and Scottie’s relationship. In the season three finale, Mike is caught by the bar members for settling a case by malpractice and Harvey and Louis try to free Mike from the committee. Mike then realizes that ever since he came to the firm he had caused problems due to which he decides to take a job offer as an investment banker. After Harvey broke up with Scotty, he went to talk to Mike. Mike tells him that he took the job. His new job however leaves Mike as a client of the firm meaning it won’t be the last time he’ll be seeing Harvey. He jokes with Harvey by telling him that Harvey technically works for him now. That’s how it ended.


Now we wait for Season 4.


Season 3 left us with so many questions. How will this show work with Mike not working at the core of Pearson Specter? What will it be like with two settings now besides one? What will happen to the relationships now that Mike has left? Many more questions will continue to bug us until we are actually given Season 4. So don’t jump ship now. Season 4 is just around the corner and all the questions will be answered soon enough.


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