Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Review

Before we get into the review of season 1 of Marvel’s successful Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., let’s take a look at how the season ended.


I. Season Finale Recap

Guess what? He's back.
Guess what? He’s back.
Wait we gotta see that one more time.
Wait we gotta see that one more time.

So last episode, we saw Garrett taking the GH325 drug in a last ditch effort to recover from an EMP blast. He did indeed recover and started drawing some random patterns on a glass window.

I'm just gonna leave a picture here for further references.
I’m just gonna leave a picture here for further references.

A deeply unnerved Ward watches Garrett draw and he asks if the two of them will really throw further their effort into helping HYDRA. Garrett just replied though with a simple, “It’s become bigger than HYDRA.”

Meanwhile, Coulson’s team was able to escape the secret lair after Skye was able to install the Trojan Horse. Back on the mini-plane, Coulson mentions that Fitz and Simmons were able to attach a tracker on the plane but they haven’t responded to his calls since then. He tells the team to push further though with the plan to invade Cybertek. The team members suit up to change the world.

Speaking of Fitz and Simmons, where are they? Well they were just in their metapod under the sea after Ward ejected them off the plane. They talked about how their was no way out and that they were going to die. Fitz was about to make a confession to Simmons when she realizes that they can melt the seal on the glass window and escape. After doing so, Simmons was able to drag Fitz back to the surface of the ocean when they are rescued by the one and only Nick Fury.

So back to Cybertek, Quinn takes the army executives on a tour of the Cybertek facilities and shows them the Deathlok chair. Garrett walks in on the tour and pisses off the General. The feeling is mutual, so he rips the guy’s rib out and bludgeons him with it. It was really gruesome. Outside though, Coulson’s team gets into position and invades the facility. While May and Skye handle their part of the plan and Trip guards the outside, Coulson goes in to take down Garrett. Garrett then throws Coulson to the feet of Fury (Garrett doesn’t know about that part, though).  Fury promises to have a conversation with him about TAHITI, but first offers Coulson the ultimate gun he tried to use to kill Loki in The Avengers.

Before we move to the best part, let’s go back to May and Skye first. After Ward comes in and taunts Skye, he gets attacked by May and the two fight it off. After a lot of action and some staples to the foot, Ward was knocked out viciously.

Back to the main part, Coulson fires at every henchman and Fury puts a lot of bullets into Garrett. Of course Garret shrugs it off since he is also a Deathlok and a product of GH325. After a hilarious conversation, Deathlok (Mike) receives this message.

It turns out, Skye was able to save his son!
It turns out, Skye was able to save his son!
Mike then proceeds to obliterate Garrett.
Mike then proceeds to obliterate Garrett.

Mike kills Garrett off and the mission was complete.

Now here’s how everything ended in season 1:

Garrett is dead....
Garrett is dead….
...Surprise! He's actually alive and now he's also a full Deathlok!
…Surprise! He’s actually alive and now he’s also a full Deathlok!
Ok maybe not. Coulson just blew him to pieces.
Ok maybe not. Coulson just blew him to pieces.
Ward, the surprising antagonist, is arrested.
Ward, the surprising antagonist, is arrested.
Mike must leave.
Mike must leave.
Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.11.07 PM
Nick Fury assigns Coulson as the new director of SHIELD. He will now begin to rebuild it from scratch.
Eric? Oh it's just a relative. Meet Agent Billy.
Eric? Oh it’s just a relative. Meet Agent Billy.
It's Skye's dad!
It’s Skye’s dad!
Finally, we see Coulson drawing something at the very last part. Look familiar?
Finally, we see Coulson drawing something at the very last part. Look familiar?


II. The Season Review


So how did you like the entire series? Personally, I loved it. This series has been a great adventure so far. Watching it makes you feel like you’re part of a family of characters taking you on a special journey on what it feels like to be a part of an organization that protects people. Not only that, but everything is connected. Marvel used the series to explain what is going on with SHIELD while the Avengers where having their movies. This whole HYDRA plot that happened because of Captain America: The Winter Soldier made the plot even better because it traced the dots and showed us the whole picture of the Marvel Universe (at least as of now because we haven’t even expanded to the Guardians of the Galaxy yet).

What do we expect now for Season 2? One thing I want to see is Triplet becoming a series regular and Ward staying as villain for a short time before returning as a hero. Agent Triplet has been a fine project by the directors and writers. I think he deserves to be put back as part of the full-time cast. Ward, on the other hand, had a better character when he became a bad guy and part of HYDRA. Ironically, fans loved him more when he became something to boo against. We will miss him a bit so after a stint as a villain, he should return as a hero.

We will also continue to see two things in Season 2. First would be it’s parallelism to the Marvel movies. The reason why it was a success was because of its link to the movies. What made it great was that we were able to get references to many big time events we witnessed on screen. The second would be the application of more things from the comic book. In Season 1, we saw many Marvel elements such as Lorelei from Thor and the Gravitonium. For Season 2, they still have a lot of things at their disposal. Let’s see what they can do with it.

So after Season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I would give it a 10/10. Good work Marvel. I hope to see more good works in the future.



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