Watch Dogs Firsthand Review (Spoiler-Free)

Basically, I’m gonna tell you why you should get Watch Dogs. This game happens to be one of the most anticipated games of Ubisoft ever and probably the most anticipated game of the year.

Booq7dsIQAAvHS9I pre-ordered this game in Datablitz just last week and got it today with a free cap and t-shirt. As soon as I played this game, the first thing I noticed was the graphics. The graphics of this game are stunning. I don’t know if it’s because I’m playing this on a PS4 but I think Ubisoft really put a lot of work into it. The next thing I noticed was how it felt like many things combined and yet felt really unique. It feels like GTA V combined with Assassin’s Creed with the mood and tone of V for Vendetta. Yet, somehow it feels like an entirely new thing when you play it. You know something is special with this game as soon as you pick it up. Another thing you’ll notice is the game system. It’s amazing how they were able to fulfill all the promises they made with this game and kept all the features organized. You don’t have to worry much about getting confused with the controls in the game. Everything is just fluid. It works and after just a few minutes, playing Watch Dogs feels like instinct. Every detail of the game is also great. From car music to your phone’s apps, you’ll feel amazed when playing. The last thing noteworthy is how the game gives you so many ways on how to get things done. There was a time when you would read or watch walkthroughs online on how to complete a certain level or part of the game. This game however throws all that down the sewer. There is no one clear way on how to play this game. There is only you, as a gamer, trying to look for that clear path to victory.

So if you’re not yet content with my explanation on why I want you to get this game, then it’s time for you to start watching game walkthroughs and spoil yourself. Of course, you could just take my word for it and save yourself from the trouble of spoilers.


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