Guardians of the Galaxy Review (Contains Spoilers)


Once again, Marvel has outdone itself. The things people said about this movie were not hype comments. They were speaking the truth.

I have to say that at first I was a bit skeptical about this one since it was a movie of characters I have never even bothered to look into too much whenever I read Marvel comics. However when I saw Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 92% critic review with 96% of the audience liking it, I just knew I had to watch it. In fact, now I’m going to be paying more attention to these guys.

The film introduces Peter Quill aka “Starlord” who was abducted from earth when he was a kid who just lost his mom. Years later, we find Peter as an outlaw taking up contracts for a living and enjoying the same music he enjoyed as a kid. He then gets involved with a contract for an object that unites him with Gamora (the “daughter” of Thanos the Titan), Rocket (a talking racoon bandit/outlaw), Groot (a walking tree who can only say, “I am Groot”), and Drax the Destroyer (a man who vows vengeance on Ronan the Accuser and Thanos). These misfits become the Guardians of the Galaxy as they prevent the object, which is revealed to be the infinity stone, from being misused particularly by Ronan. In the end, Ronan is killed, the Guardians of the Galaxy are accepted, and they now roam around protecting everyone.

Well if I could fit the movie into a paragraph, then that would’ve been my attempt to do so. However, that paragraph isn’t what earned the 92% that Rotten Tomatoes gave. Guardians of the Galaxy is more than just that summary. It was clearly directed well. From the fresh plot flow, to the well-writen script, to the soundtrack (which was really great by the way and you should definitely download the songs), to the mind-blowing effects, Marvel did another superb job with this movie. Everything just fit well and everyone loved it. In fact I haven’t seen a movie in a long time where the critics agreed with the fans on the movie. It’s quite amazing how the great Captain America: Winter Soldier was followed up by an even greater movie that may be on par with The Avengers (people would argue about that though). For me, I would rate it with the following score:


But I don’t want this review to end now. Let’s get into some interesting points in the movie. First point would be Thanos. Thanos obviously wanted the Infinity Stone which fell into the hands of Ronan the Accuser and eventually was kept safely by the Nova Corps. Why you would ask if he was already a powerful being? Well the answer is simple and almost any comic book fan could answer that. The Infinity Gauntlet is what he’s after. Let’s recall what The Collector mentioned at the after-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World:

“One down, five to go.”

The Aether was an infinity stone that The Collector already has. The other one is on Asgard. In fact, it caused a lot of trouble in the Avengers movie. With the Tesseract and the Aether revealed and this Infinity Stone in the movie, you know what Thanos is already after and we are close to seeing it happen. It will only take three more Infinity Stones before Thanos will be able to build an Infinity Gauntlet. How he’ll get them though? I have no clue but the Infinity Guantlet is powerful enough to elevate anyone into the level of even higher than a god. The wielder would be able to level galaxies and rule the entire universe. In the comics, it took the entire universe to stop Thanos when he obtained it and as you may not know, lots of the heroes died but were later brought to life. It’s going to be an exciting crossover of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and possibly the Inhumans if Marvel Studios isn’t able to add the X-men by the time that they reach this stage.

The second point I’d like to get at is the after credits scene of Howard the Duck (Didn’t expect that huh?). Most likely, Marvel is just adding more comic relief to the audience. I mean everyone was thinking of an Avengers 2 teaser or something but then they get Howard the Duck for absolutely no reason and are probably wondering until now if this means a future movie (which might be possible). That was definitely funny. So this point is merely something funny to think about. The reason Marvel wasn’t able to show Howard the Duck for a while (ever since that horrible movie) was because Disney complained about him being too identical to Donald Duck. Flash Forward to recent times, Disney bought not only Marvel but also Lucas Films which made not only Star Wars but also Howard the Duck. After a long time, we can get to see Howard the Duck again. Interesting right? Everything is connected and we did get to see him again except in a big blockbuster film’s after-credits.

The final point I want to mention is the dog actually. Many of you may not know this but the comic book readers would. The dog named Cosmo actually talks. Eventually, he even becomes a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and takes care of the base. Just wanted to let you guys know.

So where will Marvel go after this? Well the Marvel Universe has indeed expanded already with this movie. Thanos in fact will even be in the next movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I think there will be much to expect for this movie and by 2015, I’m pretty sure that Marvel will be able to deliver another great film to add to their list. I can’t wait to watch it next year and once again, congrats Marvel on the great Guardians of the Galaxy.



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