I hope I’m gonna get some of the seniors at high school to read this since I wanna share my UPCAT experience to see if it helps. Well here goes.

Before I get into detail on how my UPCAT day was, I’m gonna share about the week prior to it. Let’s refer to it as UPCAT week. So on this UPCAT week, I was given a lot of deadlines for group works and other requirements. For me it didn’t matter though since I finished all (or most) of it the week before. Even the academic lessons at that time didn’t matter much to me. I can say that I was intensely (and I really mean intensely) focused on the UPCAT. The time that supposedly should’ve been spent on studying for school was spent for final reviewing for the UPCAT. Then the day before the test, I rested from any learning or reviewing whatsoever. Finally, the UPCAT day arrived.

I put effort into making everything right for me that day. I slept early, woke up early, wore my most comfortable and “lucky” clothes, ate a healthy but filling breakfast, and even avoided stepping on cracks along the way. I even arrived at the Math Building a bit earlier than the UPCAT time to relax. Upon entering the examination room, I went to the seat next to the window since they told us we can sit anywhere anyway (oh and you should sit next to the window). Then I prayed hard and it was game time.

*Disclaimer: The following may not appear in this year’s UPCAT.* 

The test was fairly easy. Math was so basic that I just breezed through it. There were mostly basic Algebra and Geometry problems followed by just one or two problems that I only learned in review school. Then there was Language which was also known as the English/Filipino Grammar part. It wasn’t too hard. I mostly had numbers where I either pick the most correct statement or the wrong part of a sentence. Then there was Science. It wasn’t that bad. Most of the answers are hinted by descriptions in the question itself so it wasn’t too hard. Then there was the challenge: Reading Comprehension. English was tiring enough but the Filipino part was even worse. My mind was already drained when I reached it but I knew I had to push myself to reach the finish line. Somehow I finished on time and was able to go back to a few difficult questions for checking. That’s how the UPCAT went.

Afterwards was a bit vague in my memory but I do remember getting fetched and eating out to celebrate finishing the UPCAT. I even took my time off that afternoon.

There you have it readers. That’s my UPCAT experience. It was also a good one at that since I remember jumping in joy after I learned I got in that fateful December evening on that year.

Now young ladies and gentlemen, go make your UPCAT experiences worthwhile!


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