ACET tips

ACET is next week. Are you prepared?

Okay I wasn’t going to initially make this post because I didn’t choose Ateneo College anyway. I didn’t give it too much importance. My close friend from my lower batch asked me though a lot of questions about the ACET and I felt like I was giving her sound advice that could help a lot of people. So I thought to myself, might as well place it down here.

1. The test format is a little different compared to the other CET’s of the Big 4 Universities.

Ok the “little different” part was actually an understatement. It’s really different. There are mainly 3 parts: Math, English, Speed Test. The Math exam is a multiple choice exam. The English exam is made of a multiple choice exam (there is a reading comprehension part here) and an essay to be answered at the same time-allotment. The last part, the Speed Test involves subjects such as: General Info (Facts and Current Events), Logical Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning. Take note of the word “speed.”

2. Yes you’re right. There is a lot of Math in the ACET.

This could either be a good thing for you or a bad thing. If you’re not good with numbers and math well then good luck. Remember, Ateneo is a university that adopted Singaporean Math. If that’s not proof for their value for math, then I don’t know what is. Most of the Math Exam involves Algebra, a normal amount of Geometry (hard questions came from Geometry), and some simple Trigonometry and Statistics questions. There’s also another part with numbers in the speed test portion. Abstract Reasoning will test your ability to comprehend patterns of not just shapes but also numbers so remember your arithmetic and geometric sequences boys and girls!

3. English isn’t something to be taken lightly.

The English Exam will really test if you have a wide vocabulary and a knack for reading. If you like reading a lot then you may not have a really hard time here. Remember, that’s not the only hard part of the English Exam! There’s also an essay writing portion. Thankfully I have a lot of tips here. Ateneo loves it if you suck up to them. First of all place this on top of your essay:

AMDGTrust me, they’ve been teaching me about this ever since I studied Prep here. It means basically: “For the Greater Glory of God” or “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.” Place that there and you’ll definitely be showing that you respect their culture. Next, make sure you beat into their minds that you think Ateneo is really the best and that it’s your number one university choice despite the other universities in the Big 4 and the Philippines. Lastly, make sure you emphasize your “being a person-for-others” or the fact that you want Ateneo to help you achieve that in the future. Remember, make sure you only do these when you have a chance in your essay. Also, make it interesting! They have to get enticed to actually read the essay from the very start all the way to the end. A dramatic ending that Ateneans love is ending with a question that leaves the readers thinking.

3. ACET = Unfinishable Exam? 

“Unfinishable” was a term used by many ACET takers to describe it. Is it really? Well not exactly. The amount of time is just very tight hence people think it really is “unfinishable.” All you just really have to do is learn to budget your time. In the Math portion, skip if necessary and sometimes don’t solve but just use trial-and-error if it actually gets the job done faster. For English, focus more time on the essay and answer the multiple choice part as fast as you can. In the reading comprehension portion of English, read the questions first before the excerpt to know what to look for. Finally in the Speed Test, just do the only thing you can do: speed through it. There’s nothing else to do besides that. If you miss some answers, just “shotgun” either B or C since those are the most commonly used answers in tests.

4. Take everything seriously.

All the subtests weigh the same in the ACET. So you’ll have to do well in everything basically. Remember also, the ACET weighs the most in your Ateneo College Admission. Getting a bad result in the ACET will permanently hurt your chances in getting into Ateneo.

5. It’s the last week before the ACET, what should I do?

I’ll tell you what to do. Do not study anymore. You’ve studied enough already. All the review should’ve been done during the Summer and before the month of the ACET. You should’ve also been reading the newspaper, increasing your vocabulary, and brushing up on history but if you haven’t done that, then I still won’t suggest you to do it now since you might just get a mental block in the exam due to cramming. What I do suggest for you to do is to visit your testing venue, sleep early every night, and eat healthy cause you would want everything to go right on that fateful day.

6. What are some other tips you can give me?

Eat a hearty meal before the test, it’s all about endurance. In the test, trust your gut unless it’s really wrong because most of the time, your first answer is really correct. If this is a confidence booster, remember that the ACET doesn’t have as many test takers as the UPCAT so Ateneo can accept more people theoretically. Remember shotgun “B” or “C” in items you missed since it’s not right-minus-wrong anyway. Lastly, pray.


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