How it’s been so far

Yeah back to square one.


What a great feeling it is to build a new image.

None of those ideas were in my head during the first day of classes. Instead I was just focused on getting through that day like the practical man I am. This probably even continued for a couple of days. Basically, that’s how my first few days in UP were like. There was no culture shock. I took college as it was.

Then it came to my realization that lots of things have been changing already. I realized I had a lot (and I mean a lot more) friends who were girls. (Forgive me okay? I came from an all-boys school) I even realized that while I’m normally leaning towards being introverted, I had to be a lot more extroverted and I think (or I hope) I was able to adjust. Moreover, I had to change my approach to academics. In UP, it’s very unstructured and informal unlike that other school in Katipunan where I had to work like a machine.

I have to say though, so many things happened to me over these past five months that I guess I can’t say that I was surprised things changed. I joined an org. I fell in love, fell out of it, then fell back into it. I had different classes and profs. I even went back to all the different hobbies I haven’t done in a really long time. I went to field trips and outreach activities. I even bought more UP merch than I expected. Through these, I learned so many things that I couldn’t possibly have learned inside the classroom.

Without a doubt though, this first semester of mine has been exceptional. Can’t wait to experience the rest of my stay in UP.

PS: I remember asking you guys to pray for me in the Math Finals which was supposed to be yesterday. Classes were cancelled though so I’m going to ask you readers to pray for me again on December 15. I’m very confident it will push through this time. Probably 99% confident. Just pray for me haha.

PPS: If you were disappointed by the length of this post, well I have two things to say. First, my thoughts are really not collected today cause something big happened a while ago. Second, I’ll probably write articles about each individual thing here (like that love thing for all you hopeless romantics out there).


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