My Memories of 2014

2015 is right around the corner so I think it’s only right that I make an article about how this year was for me. Since we’re counting down to 2015, I’m going to list the top 15 moments of my year. So let’s start this in chronological order.

1) Made it to all colleges I applied for

It was my bucket list and bet with my best friends since 3rd Year to pass all my first choices in all the colleges I would apply for. Thankfully, I got into all of them after all (Health Sciences in Ateneo, BS Psychology in UST, and BS Psychology in UP). It was a pleasant surprise for me but I guess throwing away my 2013 summer and 4th year acads (still got the highest grades of my life for your info) for reviewing paid off.

2) Represented E2014 at the inter-class IP defense

What do you expect when you create a super group in the class and deprive everyone from the best groupmates ever? The last time I represented the class was in 2012 when me and the class super genius Abot Monroy along with important members Joaqui Madamba and Bryan Leuterio created an IP project that could’ve saved an environmental disaster only to lose to the great minds in the Science Special Class. Abot and I made a promise that year that we would create a super group to represent E2014 and beat Section S. It didn’t happen in 3rd Year though since our teacher randomized the groupings for IP. Secretly, Abot and I asked the other honor students in our class to form a super group with us. Then in 4th Year, everyone in the class got pissed at the group of me, Abot Monroy, Gerard Crisostomo, and Gorgy Gorgonio. It was no question who would represent the class that even our teacher skipped the IP picking process and just made us represent the class. In the end, we lost in 2014 to Section S again but it was a unique experience to be in a group where no one slacked off nor carried the whole group. It still remains as the best group I’ve ever been in.

3) Gradball 

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.26.31 PM

I can tell you about this by using just one hashtag: #StagSwag for the win. It felt like the best thing to do for Graduation Ball. I mean if you’re at an exclusive all-boys school, prom seems to be the event for you and your date. In Gradball, however, it seems to be for you and your friends. People brought dates of course but, at most, 50% of the batch decided to go stag. So, I decided to use a silver suit with a flashy purple inside shirt and partied with my bros for one last time.

4) Announcement of the 5 month summer

It was after graduation practice. I was eating with my friend Gerard at Cafe Azul when suddenly, Gerard got a text that the start of our classes for UP would be at August 5. I’ll tell you what happened after that.

Me: “Gerard, order anything you want. My treat.”

5) BlueBook 2014 distributes the yearbooks


Being in the yearbook committee is demanding. We had to stay after classes to discuss the yearbook. The committee was even more demanding this year since we wanted to release the yearbooks on graduation day. You could just imagine the smiles on our faces when everyone got their yearbook and was happy with how it turned out to be. Plus, I’m on the first page of the yearbook! Why would I not be happy?

6) Graduation with 2nd Honors


Of course, when one remembers high school, he/she also remembers about graduation. I remember tweeting about my graduation by saying that words cannot describe this moment. Even now, it still holds true.

7) Buying my PS4

It sounds very materialistic if you ask me. However, what can I say? I saved up a lot of money for that! I sold my old PS3 games to friends and saved up my allowance. When I had enough, I spent it on the PS4. I felt pretty good about it too.

8) Freshie once again

The first day in UP was memorable. I met my first UP friend and still remain close friends with her to this day. I had three subjects that day: Math 17, Comm 3 (speech), and Kas 2 (Asian history). I met my blockmates. I even got to hang out at the CSSP Student Council office which the Ateneans turned into a tambayan at least until we got orgs. Lots of things happened that day but I think being in a new system made it all very special for me.

9) Applying for an org


If you think applying for an org is simple, well you’re wrong. It’s a process that could take as long as a sem or even a year to complete. It is, however, a satisfying one. I’m not done yet with applying for the Pre-Medical Honors Society but so far, it’s been a fun ride. I’ve met many great people, I’ve done many fun things, and I’ve learned how to balance everything. If I don’t get into the org (but hopefully I do), I’ll still be grateful for all the great things I’ve done in this application process.

10) Psych Wars


What’s more fun than playing basketball? Playing basketball with your fellow Psych batchmates! You know what’s even better than that? Winning with them of course! It wasn’t all about winning though. What mattered was that I was able to do it with my batchmates from the Psychology course of UP Diliman. I’m going to be with them for 4 years so we’re going to have many more of these in the future.

11) Philo 10 field trip

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.39.08 PM

If I remember correctly, I was only friends with a few people in my class before the field trip. After the field trip, that didn’t really change haha. No just kidding. I made a lot more friends of course. I turned acquaintances into friends and got really close to a lot of people. Saturday was fun though. Can you imagine a field trip with people getting drunk? It was hilarious and I was helping people get back to their rooms like the good boy I am. Plus, I got close to her there.

12) My birthday


My birthday was nice actually. I woke up with the biggest smile I’ve ever put on at 5:30 am. When I arrived at school at 6:30, my amigo greeted me a happy birthday outside the math classroom. Inside, everyone was quiet as usual. I even thought that my amigo was the only one who remembered. Then one of my blockmates probably checked her phone and realized it was my birthday then greeted me. After that, everyone started greeting me. Even my math prof greeted me. In my Spanish period, it was another story. I intentionally made sure no one knew it was my birthday because I didn’t want to attract attention and answer Spanish questions. In my Philo class, everyone sang me a happy birthday song. The most memorable part though was after school. I had lunch out with my best friends from high school. Supposedly, I was going to have lunch with my two college amigos but sadly they couldn’t go so I made late arrangements the night before with my high school bros. I was so glad they actually went. We had burgers at 8 Cuts then had cake at Cafe Sweet Inspirations. It was a great birthday all in all.

13) First 18 Roses

It doesn’t sound special but actually, the debut was a surprise debut and I was asked to be a part of the 18 roses even though I had no idea if I was going to make it on time. If you ask me why, well I had a whole-day field trip for my Kas 2 class. It was a good thing I arrived before 9 pm since that was when I was going to dance with the debutante. You should’ve seen me though at the party. I looked so drained (at least until the alcohol arrived). The party was weird too now that I look back at it. I knew absolutely no one there except for two Ateneans (one of whom I wasn’t even really close with and the other was my classmate back in Grade 5). It was a bit awkward but at least I was able to meet new people. To make things even better, it was quite a special dance for me.

14) My cousin gets married

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.51.24 PM

The oldest of the Sanchez cousins gets married. It was such a spectacular celebration. There was a great ceremony, great reception, great food, great photography, and great people. What made it even better was that I knew the groom and witnessed the development of his and my cousin’s relationship from “just started dating” to “just got married.” It’s like watching a TV series, starting a ship, and seeing it to the end.

15) My sit-in/visit to Ateneo

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.46.36 PM

This really deserves the title of “epic.” I mean, you get a different feeling when you crash a university you used to go to. It’s very funny. When I went there, I saw a lot of old faces and heard a lot of things like “What are you doing here?” or “Dude you’re not from here!” I got to visit many places I’ve never been to before that were in the Loyola Schools and colleges. The environment was very different that it felt unnatural already after getting used to the lifestyle of UP Diliman. I’ll never forget invading my former school. Next year, my friends from Ateneo plan to invade UP this time.

Honorable Mentions:

There are a lot of moments I could’ve mentioned here but I didn’t because I really had a lot of good memories. Here’s a small list of them.

  • The last exam in Ateneo High School
  • Math periods when me and my friend, Glad, would take pictures of our friend, Brent, sleeping.
  • Those times I would drive my friends to their next classes
  • Last class of Philo 10
  • The whole enlistment and enrolment process to UP
  • Making tambay at our org
  • All our org events
  • Lantern Parade
  • Those other memories which I would love to mention but since this WordPress page is too public, I must refrain from doing so (just chat with me if you’re really interested)

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