Whether we like it or not, we all wear masks. We always put on another face that people see and we hide what’s really underneath. It’s the truth about people. Nobody is completely 100% honest. There’s always something we lie about or hide.

Why do we always lie or hide things? Is it cause we don’t trust others? Is it cause we’re afraid? Is it cause we desire a certain image? I don’t know. I’m just a guy philosophising on these things.

Though going back to the thing called “trust,” I don’t believe that anyone can completely trust another person. Call me a pessimist or something, but that’s what I believe in. No one can completely trust someone. That’s what I believe after everyone’s, including my own, experiences.

What about an exception? Such as love perhaps? Isn’t it that you love someone when you completely trust someone with everything? I don’t believe that. Even after love, nobody is still 100% open. There is always something hidden, something not being told.

Well, I guess it’s an effect of being human. We’re not paper where we show everything we have on us. We’re humans. We have faces. Therefore, we always have that tendency to hide them.


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