Sometimes, there are things we want to forget. Problems, pains, sadness. We just all want to forget them. Can we really? Can we just put our problems aside? Can we just forget about the people that cause us pain? Can we just forget about the memories that make us sad? Well no we can’t.

After what I learned in Psychology, you can’t forget unless there was nothing significant there in the first place. Everything that we want to forget leaves a mark so strong that it’s always impossible to just let it slip away from our minds. You can’t forget. We can only face what we have head-on and as soon as possible.

We can’t just set aside problems and then get back to them when it’s too late. We can’t always just complain when we experience pain. We can’t always just mope around in our sorrow. We have to look for solutions. We stick to encouragement, positivity, and looking forward to bright futures. After all, Amnesia is just sickness in your head (literally and figuratively).


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