You and My First Year of College

It’s funny how before everything, I had a totally different plan of how my first year of college would go. During that 5 month summer, I thought to myself of how this would go. Get a block, become friends with them, get a psych org, find my main group of friends in my course, and study and study and study. We all know well though that sometimes things don’t go the way we planned. That’s fine though because everything always happens for the best. It all worked out. I did get a block and became close friends with them. Sure I kept studying as a huge focus. However, things didn’t turn out the way I had in mind exactly. First of all, I never had applied for a psych org. All I did was applied of a pre-med org and a home college org based on careers and professionalism. I got in the home college org. Also, sure I did find my main group of friends. However, they weren’t all in my course. We have a huge (more than 30 friends) group that has people from CAL, CSSP, CS, Engineering, and even Architecture. However, something else was added to the plan. I would never had thought that I would find love. I found someone special who makes me more happy and always loves to give time to me. We met 1st sem in a GE class, Philo 10. We got close during a field trip and got closer ever since. Then she confessed to me and I confessed back. A few months later, she was my girlfriend. Who would’ve thought? I had never planned on finding someone but it happened. She fit right into this unpredictable college life and became an important part of me. Plus, she helped me survive this hell of a freshie year. Throughout acads, she was there for me just like I was for her and I’m glad I had someone who could go through hell with me. To that special someone, thank you for meeting me, thank you for taking interest in me, thank you for all those fun times we chatted and stayed up to talk to each other, thank you for confessing to me, thank you for those fun times with friends, thank you for staying with me despite all the times I made you feel bad, thank you for making it so easy to love you. Here’s to more adventures with you!


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