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FERNANDEZ, Jose Alberto S._0223

Hello there readers! I’m Jobe Fernandez. I am a former graduate from the Ateneo De Manila Grade School and High School. I owe it to the two schools for who I am today. I am currently studying BS Psychology at the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus. I plan to become a doctor someday not just because my parents are doctors or I want to help people, but because I love the profession and I can’t see myself in any other job other than it.


When I was a kid, I grew up playing the guitar and piano. Other than that, I was a bookworm that eventually gained an interest in computers and gadgets. As I grew older, I learned programming, became a Gamer and Otaku, and improved tremendously in Basketball. Besides those, I have a hobby of watching movies and television series with my family or at times, just my dad. Since I’m here at WordPress, you know I have also engaged myself in writing.

My dream for the future may be a bit vague. I want to leave a mark in the world someday. It may be as big as discovering a cure for cancer or just as small as raising my future children. The future is uncertain, but as I say, just be positive like a nucleus.


“Awesomeness is a Virtue” – Jobe Fernandez


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