Minor Updates

Hi guys! So before I proceed to write my articles today, I’ve done a few changes to my WordPress.

First, I think the most noticeable thing would be the new “Contact Me” page. You can now write messages to me straight from the page! Don’t hesitate to send me questions, compliments/complaints, suggestions, or any random thoughts! Also, my friend dared me to put in a special subject. If you’re in the Philippines and you really want to then you may send me one haha. Second, I’ve renamed the category “Review” to “Hobby” and expanded the descriptions of all my current categories. This will allow me to write more posts of different variety.

So that’s it! Just a couple of minor updates. I will be writing today one or more articles so keep posted!

I’m back. Again.

Okay yeah I have no excuses after my last status update. Please forgive me, readers! I’ve been going through a lot of crap lately with the hell semester and my breakup with my girlfriend. Don’t worry though! I’m back now and I swear¬†I will get all my promises done. Half of 2016 is gone? Well I can make up in the 2nd half. Watch out WordPress! Jobe is back for real this time.

I’m Back

2015 was one tough year. I lost so much free time because of college, interests, and my social life. Nevertheless, I am back! Get ready WordPress because 2016 is going to be the year Jobe Fernandez will return to writing!

To start this off, I have many plans for my WordPress page this year. Let’s list this down.

  • I’m gonna finish first all my drafts that have been left over from 2015. Expect a few reviews and life posts!
  • I’m also gonna work on topics that I haven’t worked on (or haven’t written on too much) before. This year, watch out for new tech reviews (smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, computers, etc), men’s fashion (including hairsyling???), restaurant reviews (sorry foreign readers cause this will be mostly for the Philippines), and much much more (told you 2016 is going to be a busy year).
  • Also expect the same things before. It’s not like those things are ever going away.
  • Lastly, I’m going to be giving my WordPress¬†a new look. Expect an overhaul of the page soon.

So with that, looking forward to a more active WordPress than it was last year. Sorry for the past month of January. I spent a lot of time planning on how I was going to start my WordPress again while having to juggle my academics and the fact I’m moving out of Quezon City to Antipolo. Anyway, none of that matters now! Jobe Fernandez is back.